Tobey Noble

The Bottom Note

Tobey Noble was born on August 13th, 2000, in Bellingham, Washington, at 9:46 (or was it 9:48?) pm.

This means that he is a Leo sun, Aquarius moon, and Aries rising. Knowing this, he should be approached with extreme caution. If you dare engage with this externally twinky, internally leviathan character, you will probably barely be able to get a word in (again– Leo sun).

Rather, you will hear him talking about klezmer, psychological thrillers, or about the time his girlfriend in 6th grade threw her gerbil at him.

He uses singing as a coping mechanism for that last one, and after joining OASN he can finally look at gerbils again without losing control of his bladder.

Oprah Magazine called him “I’m sorry, who is that?” and his mother describes him as “Please get out of my house. It’s 4:30 in the morning.”