Jonny Summers

The Dutiful Note 

Jonny was born in a surprisingly affluent tribal village just south of Pittsburgh. There, he spent his formative years as a pupil of Little Creek, or as you may know him, the shirtless Lakota tribesman from “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron”. When he wasn’t fending off the white man or singing with the local schoolboys, Jonny liked to spend his time practicing jazz kazoo and consuming copious amounts of chocolate milk (which he still does). Seriously, that shit’s fantastic. Jonny’s achievements are as numerous as they are awe-inspiring. The more notable ones include: accidentally breaking eleven garden gnomes in under five minutes, getting a B on a chemistry test, and setting the world record for the largest collection of Bob the Builder paraphernalia. Jonny hopes that maybe one day, he won’t be such a screw up.



Nickname  Jonny Boy
Joined Fall 2015
Year Sophomore
Voice Part Tenor
Solos Mariah Carey Medley (Baby, Please Come Home), Let it Be