Jimmy Scimecca

The Classy Note

A true gentleman by birth, Jimmy Scimecca hails from the grand state of New Jersey.  Endowed with implicit charm, uncanny wit, and striking good looks, it was no surprise Jimmy was crowned Prince of his hometown, Mount Olive.  His kingdom was prosperous, but dark days soon befell his kingdom, and it was not long before the cursed Guido Revolution took hold.   As Prince, it was Jimmy’s duty to lead the classy crusade against the Guido Army.  He marched his chivalrous troops into battle atop his trusty Battle Elephant, Steve.  Wearing his Suit of Destiny, he led his men into battle.  Though he fought bravely, he was soon forced into exile by the excessive fist-pumping, and now finds himself in the bastion of class, among the ranks of On A Sensual Note.  Able to perfect his gentlemanliness, Jimmy anxiously awaits the day when he can return to his rightful throne and return his benevolent Reign of Class back to Jersey.
Nickname Jimbo Slice, Jim-Jam
Joined Fall 2011
Year Senior
Voice Part Tenor 2, Vocal Percussion
Solos American Girl, All These Things That I’ve Done, Burnin’ Up, Most Beautiful Girl in the Room, Mama Said, Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Disney Love Medley), Hey Ya, Build Me Up Buttercup, Hero
Arrangements American Girl, Send Me On My Way, Most Beautiful Girl in the Room, All These Things That I’ve Done, We Can’t Stop, No Diggity/Thrift Shop, Disney Love Medley, Ignition (Remix), It’s Time, White Christmas, Come On Eileen