Jesse Saywell

The High Note

Jesse Saywell was born in the part of Maryland that isn’t really Maryland. The grandson of Nelson Mandela, he recently starred in a film where he portrayed his grandfather. Critics were stunned by the physical similarities. A once-proud baritone, Jesse became a tenor when an angry teammate on his high school basketball team punched him… well, you know where. Jesse has performed in thousands of venues, most noticeably at the Manhatten Men’s Stripping Club. Audience members were blown by his talented mouth. A well-known song writer, Soulja Boy has complimented Jesse on his lyrical abilities. In OASN, Jesse is known for hiding in a closet…. a literal closet. When asked about his time in OASN, he replied, “Tis a far, far better thing than I have ever done.”

Nickname Grandpa #2
Joined Spring 2012
Year Senior
Voice Part Tenor
Solos Sherry, Classic, Stacy’s Mom, Come on Eileen, That Girl, Uptown Girl, Feelin Gaye, Run Around Sue, One Thing, White Christmas