Aaron Porter

The Magical Note

Aaron Porter hails from the world renowned cosmopolitan area known as Canton, Ohio. Even as a child, It was apparent that he was…different. Blessed with stunning looks, a glowing smile, a witty personality and unusually large toes, he started receiving unwanted attention from local women at a young age. For protection reasons, his parents promptly sent him to a boarding school (Hogwarts), where he was able to shine and grow without pressures from mainstream society. After mastering all of the necessary spells, he eventually grew tired of the sheltered area and wanted a change of scene. American University naturally called to him. He used to spend many long hours showing women magic tricks he learned while at Hogwarts until one day, while sitting on the side of the road, he began to sing. OASN heard him in the distance and (naturally) drove by in a white van offering him candy. He willingly got in, not knowing what he gotten himself into. He has been hostage ever since. Please help.


Quick Fix

Joined Fall 2011
Year Senior
Voice Part Baritone/Tenor
Solos The Scientist, Blurred Lines, Kanye Medley, Disney Medley
Arrangements Pompeii, The Scientist, The Cave
Affiliations Department of Performing Arts