Peter Close

The    Note


On a cold, snowy, and stormy evening in New York’s Hudson Valley in May of 1997, Boo and Jonathan Close gave birth to a beautiful 45 lb. baby boy – this bundle of joy was to be referred to as “Peter.” Many years and several failed adoption attempts by Brangelina later, Peter lives in constant fear of abusing his recently discovered ability to turn water into whine. This talent differs from its biblical homonym in the fact that Peter, with one flick of his wrist, can turn even the smallest drop of water into an incessantly bothersome child…(I’m so thirsty)…Despite his cursed existence, Peter is very happy to be a part of “The Bachelor: OASN Edition” and looks forward to finding love in a hopeless place.

Nickname Petey Pablo,
Joined Spring 2016
Year Junior
Voice Part Tenor
Solos “I Can’t Lie”
Arrangements  None (Yet)