Nick Roszkowski

New Note

Nick had been whelped and grown in a jungle-like anarchy, South Florida, before replanting his then-sapling self in the illustrious Berkshire Mountains in Lenox, Massachusetts. (The irony of an off-campus housing option dubbed “The Berks” on Massachusetts Avenue is anything but lost on him…) After playing lacrosse, rowing crew, tying nautical knots, and participating in many other highfalutin New England rites, Nick decided there was one last box to check: college a cappella. While he hadn’t sung much outside of the respective securities of his shower and car, Nick realized that, like anyone in his position, he’d just “pull [himself] up by [his] own Birkenstock straps” (citation needed). It’s just controlled yelling, right? Nick’s other interests include engaging in the canon of young John Travolta, devouring Drake’s coffee cakes similarly to de Goya’s rendition of Saturn devouring his children, and frowning at his own tasteless puns. Yuck!

NicknameLess Thic Nick
Joined Fall 2017
Voice PartBass
Solos“Stand By Me”
ArrangementsNone (Yet)