Felipe Francisco Rangel Ferran

The Third Sig Ep Note

On December 20th, 1997, in the crime-ridden streets of Bogota, Colombia, a savior was delivered to the people. A year and and a half later, his brother Felipe was born. Fast forward 13 years, after spending many years living abroad, Felipe wanted an easy way to meet cute girls in the 8th grade, so naturally he joined chorus. He liked the grade boost it gave to his GPA, so he continued it for the rest of his academic career and he noticed that he started to suck a lot less each year. So much so, that his senior year, his instructor approached him about trying out for the school musical. He took the challenge on and a pulled a classic “Troy Bolton”, quitting basketball as the star bench warmer, and joining the musical as the lead role. Yes folks that’s right, he peaked in high school.