Corey McAuliffe


Corey McAuliffe is just one crazy and rambunctious child. Growing up in the sweet sun of San Diego, Corey enjoys baseball, singing, and long walks on the beach. ELEVEN is Corey’s favorite number and the Red Sox play a large part in his current mood…and life as a whole. However, when it comes down to it, Corey is, above all, nothing else but a momma’s boy. He is proud to be the baby of the group and the only freshman in OASN because now he at least has 12 friends. Corey discovered On A Sensual Note while having lunch with Niall Martin. Niall turned to Corey and said “I want you to join me…. Sensually,” and the rest is history. Love you Mom!


Nickname Better Than Peter
Joined Spring 2016
Year Sophomore
Voice Part Baritone
Solos “L-O-V-E”
Arrangements  Hallelujah