Carson Young

The Placeholder Note

If you ever wondered what a timid, non-confrontational Aries Sun acts and looks like, look no further than this guy right here! Coming in at the insanely tall height of 5’6, Carson is a hit with the ladies. He is a class of 2024 musical theatre major from Bawlmer, Merlin (Baltimore, Maryland). He says musical theatre is a placeholder until he can find a more advantageous major but he most likely won’t change anything. With a nickname like OT (over-thinker) in high school, you will most likely find Carson making a big deal out of nothing during his down time! You can also text or call him at any time of the night and he will most likely reply because of his nocturnal tendencies and egregious sleep schedule. Carson is an absolute geek when it comes to stuff like Star Wars and Marvel so if you ever want to have an intellectual conversation about either, he’s your guy. Placeholder or not, Carson loves MT and he can’t wait to see how he can incorporate those skills into OASN!