Author: wackynote

Bret O’Brien

The Wholesome Note
The week leading up to July 23rd, storms were brewing, wind was howling, and Pokemon 2000 was only recently released, a good way to describe a young Bret O’Brien. Son of Patricia and Christopher, he is native to Mountainside, New Jersey, a small town with nothing to offer except for a movie theatre. If he is not telling people he is a lifeguard, he spends his time traveling 1000 miles (insert piano riff here) to pet dogs. The peak of his musical experience consists of Selena Gomez kissing his cheek, for which he hasn’t washed since. Scared of seagulls and a fan of french toast (by far the most superior breakfast food), Bret peaked in 8th grade and is looking forward to a future full of disappointments and dogs.

Daniel Giles


The Hilarious Note

Once upon a beautiful Midwestern day, a young man named Daniel was born. Knowing not of his status of as the heir to the throne of Slovakia, he went about his life as any other Southern Illinois citizen would: corn, baseball, and good music. Now knowing his honorable title as the rightful King of Slovakia, he is slowly plotting his plan to reach Slovakia. His method? Singing in On a Sensual Note with a bunch of fellow college students to slowly gain influence and power here in America. When the time is right, he will rise up and retake his rightful throne and rule over Europe’s Crown Jewel. Until that fateful day, he sings on… yearning for that moment.

Matt Ollendorf


Corey’s Little Note

On December 17th, 1999, Matthew Julian Conte Ollendorf was conceived in the snowy hills of Massachusetts, born from the thoughts of our lord and savior Thomas Brady. In all honesty though Matt isn’t THAT Massachusetts, he just really loves Tommy Brady (as everyone should). In addition to Tomás Brady, Matt loves long walks on the beach, and the masterclass in filmmaking known as “Ken Burns’ Civil War”. Matt only accepts payment in Swedish fish and can usually be found napping, sleeping, or complaining about TDR. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, provide me with your first born child, turn on notifications, and of course, new videos every third tuesday of the winter months! – xoxo gossip girl.


Hunter Rich

The Second Sig Ep Note

From the waves of Eastern California (that some opt to call Columbus, Ohio), Hunter Rich is, in the words of Nick Roszkowski, “Channing Tatum before the experiment.” His favorite hobbies include jazzercise and actively working to cultivate a bromance with Spencer Coben. He is thrilled to be a member of On a Sensual Note, and just hopes he doesn’t lose his tie while under the influence.