Adam Majeski

New Note


As a native of the great cosmopolitan city of Cheshire, Connecticut, Adam started his political career with a successful write in campaign for mayor at the tender age of 2 months old. After some reckless spending on a massive rubber duck that subsequently lead to the Great Depression, he fled to the mountains to escape the political humiliation from the fellow preschoolers. Surviving solely on berries and lake water for 16 years, Adam then decided to move to DC and disguise himself at an American University “wonk” by becoming a tour guide and holding two separate student government positions within his first year. Adam would like to thank his mother’s Book Club for being his biggest fans, and is extremely excited to be a member of AU’s premier survivalist club, OASN.


JoinedFall 2017
Voice PartTenor 1
SolosBeautiful Soul